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Idaho can stand up for America with vote on higher ed budget

Idaho can stand up for America with vote on higher ed budget

Wayne Hoffman
April 2, 2021

Throughout the country, lefitst activists have successfully infiltrated all aspects of government, media, and business with claims that America is irredeemably racist, and such racism is baked into our political and economic systems. These extremists believe that to combat this “systemic” racism, American systems and ideals must be scrutinized and dismantled.

This dismantling includes the elimination of private property, capitalism, and the curtailment of freedom of speech. It means replacing our free society with socialism. Of course, the radical Left and their allies in the media don’t portray it this way; they instead rant and rave about “diversity and inclusion,” believing somewhat accurately that it’s hard to argue with such happy sounding words.

But they go on to portray the world as divided into victims and oppressors. You’re either one or the other. Oppressors, generally speaking, are the beneficiaries of a system they designed. They, therefore, are usually white, male, and heterosexual. Victims are everyone else, and your ranking in the sliding scale of victimhood depends on the color of your skin, gender, and sexual orientation. Oppressors can help victims by recognizing their “privilege.” 

This is what critical race theory is all about. This theory suggests that our troubles emanate from the founding of our country, because it is a country founded to benefit them. The actual implementation of critical race theory is social justice, which weaponizes this extreme rhetoric by putting into practice those policies that “level the playing field” with special privileges for some at the expense of others. Instead of treating everyone as equals in a meritocracy – where you succeed based on what you’re willing and able to produce – individuals gain special status because politicians and bureaucrats recognize certain groups of people as being protected classes harmed by the class of straight white men. 

This is happening here in Idaho as much as it is happening in the rest of the country. It’s not only in our pop culture and taking over corporate board rooms, but also in our state’s K thru college education system. 

The continuation of social justice indoctrination is what is at stake in the debate over Idaho’s college and university budget. While Idaho elected officials cannot change Hollywood or the leadership at Delta, Coca Cola, or Starbucks, Idaho’s governor and lawmakers have some power to stop the Left’s comic book version of American history from being used to brainwash Idaho’s children and young adults. 

Senate Bill 1179, which the Senate passed last month, is the next battleground in the fight. When the Legislature returns to Boise on April 6, the House of Representatives will decide whether to keep funding social justice or whether to defund it. A vote for Senate Bill 1179 would keep things as is. Indoctrination activities and classes at Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Lewis-Clark State College would continue as they have for the last few years. 

The schools will continue to use public money to hold graduation ceremonies based on race and sexual orientation. They’ll continue to promote Black Lives Matter. They’ll continue to have entire departments and areas of study dedicated to the Left’s “diversity and inclusion” ploy. They’ll continue to force you to pay for the socialists' media mouthpiece, National Public Radio, on Boise State and Idaho State campuses. 

Or the representatives can reject the bill and choose to instead defund the programs that seek to radicalize young minds into hating our country. That is what must happen. 

Like it or not, America’s future hangs in the balance. Stopping the radicalism that’s taken over our country’s most basic institutions should be a top priority for freedom-minded Americans. The nation needs Idaho lawmakers to be courageous and do the right thing. They need to vote to end the use of our universities as breeding centers for socialists and race theory activists.

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