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House Bill 647 — Supervision of electrical apprentices

House Bill 647 — Supervision of electrical apprentices

Lindsay Atkinson
March 18, 2020

Bill description: HB 647 would change requirements regarding the supervision of electrical apprentices.

Rating: +1

Does it increase barriers to entry into the market? Examples include occupational licensure, the minimum wage, and restrictions on home businesses. Conversely, does it remove barriers to entry into the market? 

As part of becoming an electrical journeyman in the state of Idaho, an applicant must first complete an apprenticeship program under the on-the-job supervision of a licensed journeyman electrician. In current rules set by the Idaho Division of Building Safety, one licensed journeyman can supervise no more than two apprentices.

HB 647 would remove this set ratio of 1:2 and instead allow journeymen to supervise as many apprentices “as may be provided constant on-the-job supervision.”


Analyst’s Note: HB 647 also creates new grounds for suspending or revoking the license of electrical contractors who fail to provide “constant on-the-job supervision” of their apprentices. This would allow contractors to have their license taken away due to a supposed failure of supervision, thus discouraging current licensed journeymen from supervising the next generation of journeymen.

But, this bill also removes the grounds for suspension set in current rules. The current grounds allow for the suspension or revocation of the license of an electrical contractor who violates the ratio of supervising journeyman to apprentices (a ratio which is removed by this bill). So, the grounds for suspension net to zero with this removal of old grounds for suspension and replacement with new grounds.

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