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House Bill 635 — School boards, libraries

House Bill 635 — School boards, libraries

Parrish Miller
February 26, 2024

Bill Description: House Bill 635 would allow a school board to decide if a school needs a library and to decommission a library that it determines is not necessary. 

Rating: +1

Does the bill allow schools to be more flexible, improve feedback mechanisms, and decentralize decisions to the family or individual level? Conversely, does the bill add to the existing education bureaucracy?

House Bill 635 would amend Section 33-512, Idaho Code, to say that "it shall be in the discretion of the board of trustees of each school district to determine whether to equip and maintain such a library or libraries in any school or schools, and such board may authorize any school under its authority to decommission any library that such board determines is not necessary."

Not all schools necessarily need or benefit from maintaining a physical library. This bill would give school boards greater flexibility to make the decisions that best meet the needs and finances of a particular school or district. 


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