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House Bill 153 — Career ladder increase

House Bill 153 — Career ladder increase

Phil Haunschild
February 22, 2019

Bill description: HB 153 would increase the starting salary for teachers by $1,500 for each of the next two years.

Rating: -1

Does it increase government spending (for objectionable purposes) or debt? Conversely, does it decrease government spending or debt?

HB 153 would increase the starting pay for teachers on the first three rungs of the career ladder. For first-year teachers, the salaries would be increased by $1,500 each year, or $3,000 in total. This would be an 8.1 percent increase in their base salary. For second-year teachers, the pay would be increased by $1,000 the first year and $1,500 the second year, for a total increase of $2,500, or 6.6 percent. For third-year teachers, salaries would see a $500 bump this year and a $1,500 bump next year, for a total increase of $2,000, or 5.1 percent.

The total cost to the state is expected to reach almost $11.5 million per year. This comes after the state put over $226 million in additional funding toward teacher salaries over the past five years the career ladder has been in effect.

Some argue that better pay will attract more people to the profession. But even after the recent surge in pay, the state suffered from a 10 percent turnover rate last year, 25 percent higher than the rest of the nation. So simply adding money can’t be viewed as a total solution.


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