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House Bill 145—Storage facility agreements

House Bill 145—Storage facility agreements

Phil Haunschild
February 22, 2019

Bill description: HB 145 would amend self-service storage facility regulations.

Rating: +1

Does it give government any new, additional, or expanded power to prohibit, restrict, or regulate activities in the free market? Conversely, does it eliminate or reduce government intervention in the market?

HB 145 would allow self-storage facilities to communicate to their customers through either email or the Postal Service. Currently, such businesses must give a written copy of the rental agreement to a renter immediately after the renter agrees to the contract. HB 145 would allow the company to mail or email this to the renter. Additionally, the company could use either email or the postal service for all future correspondence.


HB 145 would limit the amount a self-storage company can charge as a late fee to $20 or 20 percent of the monthly rent, whichever is greater. This limitation hinders a business’ right to operate as it sees fit.


HB 145 would also give storage facilities more flexibility when it comes to advertising a lien sale. Lien sales of items that have been stored at the facility are allowed after the company has notified a renter that payment is past due and it remains unpaid. Under current law, the storage facility must advertise the items for sale in a newspaper of general circulation within the county for at least two consecutive weeks. HB 145 would let storage companies fulfill the notification requirement by a posting in any commercially viable manner, such as on an auction website, or other location that regularly offers sales of property.


Update: This analysis reflects the amendments made to HB 145 on 2/28.

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