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House Bill 123

House Bill 123

Phil Haunschild
February 9, 2017

Bill description: This bill protects riders on motorcycles from profiling by law enforcement officers.

Rating: +1

Does it violate the principle of equal protection under the law? Examples include laws which discriminate or differentiate based on age, gender, or religion or which apply laws, regulations, rules, or penalties differently based on such characteristics. Conversely, does it restore or protect the principle of equal protection under the law? 

The National Motorcycle Profiling Project, bolstered by statistical evidence, contends that at some point more than half of all motorcycle riders in America have been stopped without cause by law enforcement. This bill protects these riders by introducing the new Section 49-1431, which prohibits law enforcement from profiling them, and subsequently defines profiling as “the arbitrary use of the fact that a person rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle-related paraphernalia as a factor in deciding to stop and question, take enforcement action, arrest or search a person or vehicle.” Protecting these individuals who are frequently treated unfairly ensures an equal application of the law to all citizens. (+1)

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