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Hoffman: Taxpayers won, special interests and big government lost at the Idaho polls

Hoffman: Taxpayers won, special interests and big government lost at the Idaho polls

Wayne Hoffman
November 9, 2016
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November 9, 2016

Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman declared a decisive win for taxpayers and limited government and a loss for special interests in Tuesday’s election.

“Across the state, Idaho voters rejected big government policies and candidates,” Hoffman said. “For example, a number of politicians who favored more government healthcare will not return to the Idaho Capitol in January.”

In addition to skeptical voters rejecting pro-government healthcare candidates, Idahoans supported HJR 5, the constitutional amendment to protect legislative oversight of the executive branch.

Voters in Idaho’s Treasure Valley also rejected three separate bond issues worth more than a collective $300 million. Despite governments using taxpayer money to push the issues, plus special interests spending big to sway voters, taxpayers rejected the trio to send a clear message.

“Taxpayers spoke loud and clear last night,” Hoffman said. “Taxpayers are not a never-ending source of cash for governments to bilk for special interests’ pet projects. This is a big win for young families, small businesses and residents on fixed incomes.”

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