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Press release: Hoffman criticizes 'awful' 2016 legislative session

Press release: Hoffman criticizes 'awful' 2016 legislative session

Wayne Hoffman
March 25, 2016
Author Image
March 25, 2016

Boise, Idaho -- Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman criticized the 2016 legislative session Friday as lawmakers concluded their work for the year.

Hoffman remarked:  

"With few exceptions, this legislative session can be summed up as being: Awful. Terrible. Pathetic. Rotten. Miserable. Disappointing.

“Idahoans have every right to be angry that the Legislature failed so hard. For lawmakers who pride themselves on conservatism, they failed to pass tax relief and instead went on a spending spree. They rejected proposals to increase education choice. They failed to improve government transparency and accountability. And they made the state ever more dependent on the federal government."

Hoffman continued:

“Fortunately, the session was not a total disaster. The triumphs include the long-awaited passage of permitless concealed carry; stopping local governments from imposing their own wage mandates on businesses and employees; providing counties with new tools to mitigate fire hazards on public lands; allowing terminally-ill patients the right to try new medications; and, reforming urban renewal. However, when measured against the relentless special interest Big Government agenda, including the continued infatuation with Obamacare, there is no question the negatives cast a wide and dark shadow over any accomplishments.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is Idaho’s most influential public policy organization and the Gem State’s premiere organization dedicated to conservative principles and Idaho solutions, including limited government, reduced federal dependency and individual liberty.

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