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Here comes the NCAA anyway

Here comes the NCAA anyway

Mitch Coffman
November 21, 2014
November 21, 2014

On Monday it was announced that the NCAA basketball tournament (March Madness) would be returning to Boise in 2018. As a sports freak, I am overjoyed.

As someone who works in the public policy arena, however, it’s a bit confusing.

Why? Well, you see the topic of guns on campus has been hotly contested the last few years in Idaho. And one of the arguments used by those against allowing people to campus carry was that the NCAA would frown on Boise State and decide to pick another host town.

Obviously that didn’t happen. But media at the time seized on that theme and ran with it. It’s sad, really.

A few people come up with illegitimate reasons to be against a certain policy and try to make it a  wrecking ball.

The NCAA uses several variables when selecting a host city, including lodging options, airline service, previous history hosting NCAA championships and attendance potential.

Now one could pontificate that safety also fits in there to some degree, even if the NCAA doesn’t officially list it as one of the criteria. But it didn’t seem to see any issue with our laws in Idaho allowing people with an enhanced permit to carry on campus.

Bring on the Madness …

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