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Education officials plot COVID-19 tests while showing little concern for academic performance

Education officials plot COVID-19 tests while showing little concern for academic performance

Wayne Hoffman
August 23, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
August 23, 2021

If you have a youngster in Idaho’s government-run schools, now would be a good time to either start demanding answers from state and local education officials or reconsider your schooling options.

The latest in a long string of disappointments comes in the form of Gov. Brad Little’s decision to sidestep the Legislature and order $30 million for COVID-19 testing for the state’s public schools. 

Related: Just how did Little sidestep lawmakers to pay for COVID-19 testing in schools? We explain here.

What does this new testing program mean for you and your student? God only knows. As is typical for this administration since March 2020, the rules for screenings will be administered are unknown because they’re being made up as they go.

Will the testing be directed at both school staff and students or just one or the other? If students are to be tested, how often? Most importantly, will parents be given a chance to opt-in to the testing program, or will they be expected to opt-out if they’d prefer to not participate? How is the data collected by districts used and who will have access to it? Will the elected school boards be granted a say in the program? Will they be given a chance to reject the funding and the testing program? 

Such questions, with too few answers, come at a time when authoritarians are insisting that people who refuse the vaccine lose their freedoms. Some are arguing that vaccine skeptics be denied travel, jobs, shopping, healthcare, and so on. Idaho Education News last week ran a series of pro-vaccine commentaries, including several from the Boston Globe. One commentary argued that “states should allow teenagers to receive vaccines without parental consent, so that kids who want the shot can’t be stopped by anti-vax parents.”

If I had a student in Idaho's public schools, I’d take these propagandists at their word. They aim to do whatever they want to achieve their objectives, your rights be damned. It’s not just idle talk either. If schools have control of your kids, they will find a way to use such control as a means to leverage the results they want.

Commentaries that advocate complete obedience at the expense of individual autonomy are growing. Schools are ground zero, and it should be enough for you to want to get your kids and grandkids as far away from the government system as you can. 

Remember that the demand for vaccinating teenagers, surreptitious or otherwise, doesn’t match the data. Young people aren’t dying from COVID-19. The latest data for Idaho — consistent with findings in other states, the nation, and the world — shows this. For Idaho, only 172 youngsters have been hospitalized since this charade began. Not a single Idaho child has died from the virus. 

It’s also as mysterious as it is fascinating that Idaho government officials like Little are obsessing over the relatively few number of school-age cases when the bigger, more obvious problem in Idaho’s public schools is an ongoing epidemic of failure.  

Newly-released ISAT scores show, yet again, that the majority of school students aren’t doing well. After the release of academic performance numbers a few days ago, Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra was quick to point fingers at the so-called pandemic, even though students have been failing on tests for many years, long before the escape of the virus from Communist China. As I wrote recently, the vast majority of students in some districts can’t read, write, or do math, contrary to protests from school officials.

Excuses are as plentiful as they are pathetic, and we’ve gotten our share of them for decades.

The government continues to prove it does not belong in the business of educating our kids, and government schools sure as hell don’t belong in the business of testing for viruses. 

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  • Joy says:

    Can’t agree more. My kids are out and I’m grateful. Very concerned about current kids in school though.

  • Be Heard says:

    Little needs to go! I’m supporting Ed Humphreys. He demanded that Little investigate the millions going to the hospitals that are mandating vaccines

  • Don says:

    Brad Little is a disappointment and a danger to Idaho freedoms and the rights of Idahoans. Is he compromised by China being a huge buyer of our barley?

  • Gina says:

    There was a mother who spoke at the Town Hall at the Nampa Library. She was telling all that the school her child was going to was allowing students, I believe her child was 12, to go to the traveling vaccination van and get a shot. Without parent permission. Could someone verify if that is true.

  • Larry says:

    Little has to go....along with Crapo and Risch. Freedom to choose..and stop spending. Filling their pockets with our money under the table.

  • Clinton Carter says:

    Right on, Wayne! Can the Legislature just impeach Little now?? Also, does the Idaho Freedom Foundation have any upcoming in person events scheduled?

  • Bob holup says:

    Yet another example of 'throw more money at what ails K-12 education'. These dollars will fix what??? NOTHING!!!

  • Susan says:

    Can't wait to see if they force kids to do it without parental permission. My grandson will not be tested and he will be taken out of school if they force the issue. No way this is happening

    • Al says:

      And that will simply prove Ybarra right....the pandemic is getting kids out of school in all kinds of ways.

    • Mark Arrowood says:

      So you would deny your grandson the medical care he needs by denying testing? Is that what you’re saying? Why would you do that? Or you'll deny him of an education? I always wanted my kids to succeed in this world. You want yours dead or dumb

      • Liberty says:

        WAKE UP, you are a bully, It is our job to protect our kids from this global genocide and dictatorship, we are free American to educate ourselves and make the right choices for ourselves, the government have no rights and authority to do otherwise and until people like you start waking up and stop reading and listening to the 90% of Chinese propaganda that they feed to you constantly through radio. phones, tv, internet, which is all a lie. There are civil wars around the world right now, why don't you educate yourself before you comment. America is not far from war itself and it comes down to wanting to be free or not. The GOVERNMENT has been killing their own people for all of history. That why we have a constitution to protect us from the government. Never forget we have the power, the people, we elect these officials to uphold our values and our God given right to be free, but they have all been compromised by power and money. The pharmaceutical companies have bought our government and are killing us. Don't forget this is our money that they are spending like crazy. Our children are being abuse now and taken advantage of for political power and they will have to pay for this for the rest of their lives if we don't stop them.

        "If you are under 30, your chances of dying from Covid-19 are simply too small to measure. And despite all the stories about risk to the general population, this disease impacts the elderly most; 77% of those that have died in Idaho are 70 and older. The mean age of all Covid deaths in Idaho is not far below the state’s average life expectancy."

        Also, on another note you have a higher chance of dying from a car accident than covid in Idaho but I bet you get in your car everyday. We take risks everyday, fight for freedom then we can all make our own choices for ourselves and our families. Now if you want the government to control you, you should move to a social or communist country.

        I challenge everyone to look at the history of the Nazis, and once you do that you can see the correlation of how our government has convinced the vaccinated people that everyone else is evil and the vaccinated people get special privileges. They are using the same propaganda today on us so they can un-unite us. WE must stay united for the sake of our FREEDOM!

  • Neverdone mom says:

    My 16 year old daughter was told by the pharmacist at the Chas clinic in Lewiston that she can get the covid jabs WITHOUT TELLING ME and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. It is ALREADY happening folks.

  • Glenda Frei says:

    IDF Keep up the good work!

  • Dan Foreman says:

    The public schools have failed. More money won’t fix that mess. Our state government is impotent, and more money won’t fix that. The Governor behaves as if he is bought and paid for by someone. Once again, money won’t fix that problem. It is time to get mad and drive these demonic, selfish, crooked politicians from office. It is up to us to take back our freedoms, because the losers running this state into the ground won’t stop on their own. Stand up Idaho! Fight back! Send the fat cats packing.

    • Mark Arrowood says:

      Yo-Dan buddy, what “freedoms” are you wanting to take back? What have you lost? I hear this all the time; our freedoms have been diminished! But nobody really states what those are. Are you unable to move without notifying government? Are you repressed in some way?

  • rachael johnson, St. Maries says:

    The executive that takes usurps legislative duties is a traitorous man or woman , esp. when done on a consistent, pattern that blatantly testifies the will of the people...mr. little shall no longer be called Governor ; he needs to be held by the attny general or by federal marshals or by ? in deriliction of duty...He is purposefully stealing the rights of men and women. He, along with the unlawfully appointed henchmen of various "health" departments are stealing our our teahcers and our parents health...now they want the first born for sacrifice......this unwarranted testing by unreliable, suspect and no doubt tainted swabs is the PERFECT SETUP to call for mandated lockdowns .....check points to digitally determin which child needs to be separated from their parents and shot up with the soon to come forced death shot.
    Any school board that even entertains the idea of testing needs to be replaced..No monies, no discussions none of Fauchis sticky fingers allowed in local school districts. The lockdowned schools along with lock up rest homes and hospitals are traps. The nurses and doctors who willingly give these death shots are a part of mr littles plan...we cannot also allow the teachers to also become agents of death for our trusting little ones. ...Already, those teachers who have had shot will be shedding even more with each booster...they will be the ones spreading the mutant Fauchi strains. If anybody needs to have their temperatures and cognitive abilities checked.....its the teachers who have taken the shot...They are the ones to be feared and watched for symptoms........... by now the children if they are left unmasked and allowed fresh air and vitamins....are already immune from most of this man made horror. We should ask the schools to identify which classes have teachers with the spike proteins growing inside...those classes should be identified....compared with classes with healthy teachers... Now that would actually be a verifiable test. Those homeschoolers with healthy moms and dads will offer similar verification ........if those homeschoolers and private schools are allowed to be left along and the children untested, unmasked and unmolested... HOW DID A CIVILIZED NATION EVER COME TO SUCH INSANITY OVER THIS PREVENTABLE MAN MADE BIOWEAPON Yes, im mad...Time for every single candidate for governor to speak up and demand the arrest of mr. little....

  • Candace says:

    I am outraged at the development of COVID testing for public school kids, by Gov. Little, and I hope everyone votes him out of office at the next election. I live in Nampa and my property taxes support the schools. No one asked me what I thought about the testing, and I suspect the next thing on the agenda is once they test, they will insist all children get the jab. I have friends that live in Australia and they say that 3 children died in this recent mass vaccinations of kids. I am also upset that St. Lukes and St.Alphonsus are forcing the jab on their staff or be fired. St. Al's is a Catholic hospital and I am a Catholic so I am twice outraged. Christians should be able to follow their conscience, including Christian parents who don't believe their children need a test or the jab. By the way, I want Crapo gone as well next election. What is Idaho coming to?

  • Mark says:

    If the staff and students are tested, many will test positive but have ZERO symptoms. If Little Mind wants to test the students and staff, he should make the tests comprehensive by including any contagions found in a sinus swab. Prior studies of subjects with no health symptoms show a strong presence of RSV, flu, staph, strep, and many other common infectious substances. The sinuses are designed to trap and protect us from these contagions. If they test and find Covid and these other contagions, it shows how well our sinus defenses work.
    Dr Mike Segal presents is very well in the WSJ.

  • Al says:

    Queue up the Benny Hill soundtrack, here we go again with the "so called pandemic" routine! For the love of Lori Laughlin, whether you refuse to call it a pandemic by applying Dr Livingstons definition or just a really bad situation where millions are dying unnecessarily because they refuse to vaccinate, lets get the "think" back in your supposed think tank. Its a calamity we havent seen in 100 years. And IFF has called it a pandemic in multiple articles and IFF applied for and received money from fed govt as a resilt of the pandemic. Youre hypocrisy is noted.
    Of course Ybarra would point to the calamity that has befallen us this past year. Thats consistent with you, wayne, who has been saying kids need to be in person in school. Ybarra doesnt regulate COVID protocols across the state so you cant blame lack of in person attendance on her either.
    And while i agree we must do more to get more out of education, to say a majority of students in some districts cant read, write or do math is sheer hyperbolic nonsense. You can earn some cred to say they perform poorly. And earn more cred to cite your sources. But that might be asking to much from a propagandist who has abandoned journalistic skills.

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