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Duct tape for your head

Duct tape for your head

Wayne Hoffman
May 6, 2009
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
May 6, 2009

I often tell people I have the best job in the world because I get to talk about freedom and liberty all day. I'm very passionate about freedom and liberty, and I love what I do. But fighting for the cause is tough. Some days, you just want to, as Glenn Beck says, "wrap your head in duct tape" Today, my head is going to explode.

In no particular order, here are the reasons:

  • A supporter emailed today to let me know he was forced to erase his videotape of the mundane activities of the first floor of the Ada County Courthouse. Apparently, an order signed by a Fourth Judicial District judge makes it unreasonable for people to videotape in a public building. Alrighty.
  • Been working on an issue involving an Idahoan who was barred from three state buildings for a year. The incident is making my head ache because despite the numerous people I've spoken to, it still makes no sense and the case grows more strange by the minute.
  • Just got an email from an Idaho county, where the officials have decided to disregard my public records request for expenditure data because it wasn't submitted on county stationary. Beautiful. Oh, and, it's going to cost $650 to answer my questions.

Folks, liberty and freedom are fleeting, especially if we won't fight for them. So while I've got the duct tape out right now, I'm also very fired up.

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