Crony IACI lobbyist begs Idaho lawmakers to keep vaccine mandates in place

Crony IACI lobbyist begs Idaho lawmakers to keep vaccine mandates in place

Wayne Hoffman
November 10, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
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November 10, 2021

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry. They’re not on the side of freedom — not now, not ever. 

When IACI starts throwing around words like “conservative” and “freedom,” you know you’re being bamboozled. 

No organization in Idaho has done more than IACI to promote socialism, rent-seeking, and cronyism. So you know IACI President Alex LaBeau is dripping in dishonesty with the statement he put out Tuesday expressing concern that the Legislature’s return to Boise next week is “socialism … wrapped up in a facade of freedom.”

Remember, IACI is the same organization that promoted the state’s early adoption of Obamacare. It pushed hard for the state to open an Obamacare insurance exchange. It later joined with leftist organizations to promote Medicaid expansion. 

Today, IACI is pushing for the expansion of the government education system. IACI wholeheartedly embraces socialism. The organization’s record on this point is more than clear. It is the most special of all of Idaho’s special interest groups. 

The real reason IACI is opposed to the Legislature recovening is that the organization would love nothing more than for businesses to be free to strip employees of their health freedom. Sure, IACI says it applauds the state for having joined lawsuits in opposition to the Biden administration’s vaccination requirements. But it’s not because IACI opposes vaccine mandates. The truth is, IACI’s members include Idaho’s big hospitals and corporations that are implementing vaccine requirements, threatening to fire employees who fail to surrender their medical autonomy. 

That makes IACI exactly like the Biden administration. If it has any objection to the president’s tyranny, it’s that the organization wants to reserve the right for its corporate members to issue authoritarian edicts. 

At the Idaho Freedom Foundation, we’ve always said that the issue of vaccine mandates extends well beyond being an employee-employer issue. This is about Americans losing their freedoms at the hands of health autocrats. Sometimes the enforcement of medical tyranny is being done directly by the government. Other times, it’s being done by businesses enacting government medical protocols. The end result is the same: Americans are systematically being denied jobs, travel, or their right to life, liberty, and property unless they go along with what government experts recommend or demand. 

America is quickly becoming the “show us your papers” medical police state where disobedience to authority ultimately leads to poverty and death. Indicate that you’ve obeyed government-sanctioned protocols or requirements, or starve. Obey the requirements and live. This is the side IACI is really on. This is our future if the state Legislature does not act. 

Both IACI and the Biden administration celebrate the idea of a command-and-control world in which vaccines are mandated and people who disobey are persecuted, shunned, and impoverished for failure to conform to the so-called science of the day. 

Conservatives are on the right side of this issue, and they should fight like mad to preserve individuals’ right to medical freedom, autonomy, and privacy.

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  • Bob holup says:

    The last frontier for Socialism = Pre-k education.
    In Idaho we call Pre-k education 'Parenting'.

  • A decent Human says:

    IACI and Biden Administration stop trying to control everyone’s life’s and work on your own. IACI your the demons and Biden is the devil.

    No Organization influenced this message.

    P.S. I’m never getting a vaccine.

  • Bee says:

    We are voting for Ammon Bundy for Gov. of Idaho. Unlike Brad LITTLE (r) or Janice McGeachin, Bundy has what it takes to clean up this mess. Watch his virtual Townhalls at his website. We saw him at a live Townhall and were VERY impressed.

    • Marc Seeley says:

      I have seen Mr Bundy in person, heard him answer multiple questions and asked him questions myself. I am very impressed by his knowledge, thoughtfulness, demeanor and insights. I believe he is the best candidate and I am supporting him.

  • KJ says:

    This article shows us again that the loser marxists are alive and well within Idaho.
    Command and control centralized government is the enemy of liberty, hence these people become the enemies of the people.

  • Mike says:

    We need to realize it is not about health, it is about control and depopulation. We are in a spiritual warfare between God and the devil. The world needs to be set up for the entrance of the antichrist and that means folks are in the pit of hopelessness, starving and in need of a "savior" - in comes the antichrist. This is prophetic and we are not going to be able to stop it as the train has left the station. Hang on and get right with Jesus as He is the only one who is going to save us from this. Repent, maybe He will be merciful on us.

    • Bee says:

      Spot on Mike.

    • Brad Gee says:

      I hate when my imaginary friends fight too. If there is an all loving, all knowing, accepting god in control of this mess, he is doing a terrible job. I think your God, which ever one you follow, would want you to do whatever you could to protect your fellow man. I don't believe the government should mandate vaccines, but it is our duty to protects each other, if everyone did what was right, we wouldn't be in this mess.

      • Al says:

        I appreciate your comments, Brad Gee. I am a Christian and i have never been so disheartened and disappointed with my brothers and sisters as i have this past year or two. We have mixed politics and religion so much and care more about our trivial liberties, like a mask, than we do about the physical and mental wellness of our neighbors. Poor examples of Gods love, to be sure, and i wish we would do better to demonstrate what Jesus meant by saying the greatest commandment is to love God, and the 2nd commandment flows from that, to love your neighbor as yourself.
        Truly, there are Christians who do not feel the need to wear a mask, or get a vaccine shot, yet do so for charitable reasons. Youve seen the worst of us but i hope you see the best of us too.

    • Sue says:

      You are correct Mike

  • Bee says:

    ''Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Employees to Sue for $1 Million Over Mandated Vaccines''

    This needs to happen in Idaho.

  • KJ says:

    Getting sick is a great motivator for personal change. I did it by losing 1/3rd of my body weight,. By joining a gym and begin to eat little to no proceeded food is a healthy beginning.

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