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Crapo calls federal debt unsustainable during presidential commission meeting (video)

Crapo calls federal debt unsustainable during presidential commission meeting (video)

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 28, 2010

Idaho Republican Sen. Mike Crapo told fellow members of a new presidential commission on the national debt that he believes policy makers need to look at every option to lower spending and prevent a long-term economic slump. Crapo is one of six Republicans chosen by party leaders in the U.S. House and Senate to serve on President Barack Obama's newly-formed National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform that will examine ideas to tackle the rising national debt.

Watch Crapo's remarks to the commission, during which he calls the federal debt unsustainable and criticizes federal spending, below:

In his remarks to the commission, Obama also said that he will weigh all the options.  "Everything has to be on the table," Obama said before the commission's first official meeting.  "This is going to require people of both parties to come together and take a hard look at the growing gap between what the government spends and what the government raises in revenue.  And it will require that we put politics aside."  Watch video of Obama's remarks below:

The debt commission will offer its recommendations to Obama in December.

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