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Hoffman: State lawmakers can end ban on insurance sales across state lines

By Wayne Hoffman
October 12, 2009
Idaho has a law that prevents the state’s residents from shopping for the lowest possible health insurance premiums. The restriction is simple: No one can sell insurance in Idaho without being authorized by state regulators to do so, even if that insurer is already legally recognized to operate in another state. Our statute is mirrored […]

Craig P. Boulton: The Congressional Co-op Scam

October 9, 2009
In lieu of a single payer national healthcare system run by the Federal Government some Congressional Democrats are proposing to establish national healthcare cooperatives owned by their policy holders instead. This has a nice ring to it and cooperatives represent a long standing tradition in the United States – people with a mutual interest getting […]

Hoffman: Idaho should consider health care constitutional amendment

By Wayne Hoffman
September 27, 2009
I'd bet when Superman hangs out in the Hall of Justice with Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins, the Man of Steel wonders whether he should be in a league of his own. "Aquaman talks to fish. How useful is that? I'm faster than a locomotive!" Superman pontificates. Members of Congress are like that, […]

Deide: After 50 years, state education policy lags

By Wayne Hoffman
July 13, 2009
By Darrel Deide Chairman, Idahoans for Choice in Education This year marks my 50th year in Idaho education as a teacher, counselor, administrator, legislator and advocate. I taught science in the 1959-1960 school year, the year that the microchip was invented, the year that the first rocket escaped Earth’s gravity and the year the Mercury […]

Hoffman: Boise hotel tax unfair to guests, hoteliers

By Wayne Hoffman
June 14, 2009
The defenders of bad tax policy justify bad tax policy by pointing out that someone else is paying the tax that provides the benefit that the rest of us enjoy. In government, we call that a fiscal solution. In the parlance of the common folk, it's known as theft. How else can you define taking […]

Hoffman: Canyon residents show they're tired of tax increases

By Wayne Hoffman
May 31, 2009
Supporters of a new tax for Canyon County property owners love libraries about as much as I love ice cream, and their argument in favor of creating a new library district was about as compelling and intricate as my argument for fudgy sundaes. More than three quarters of voters objected to the library district proposal […]

IFF alternative cited as House panel kills beer and wine tax increase

By Wayne Hoffman
February 25, 2009
The House Revenue and Taxation Committee voted 13-5 against a bill that would raise beer and wine taxes in Idaho. Supporters of the tax increase said the revenues would be used to boost substance abuse treatment in Idaho. But opponents said the bill would hurt taxpayers, beer and wine makers and sellers, as well as […]

IFF suggests alternative to beer and wine tax increase

By Wayne Hoffman
February 23, 2009
BOISE – Idaho could allocate around $27 million for substance abuse treatment without needing to raise taxes under a proposal from the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The non-profit, non-partisan think tank encouraged lawmakers on Tuesday to consider its alternatives to the tax increases now pending before the Legislature. “We all agree that substance abuse is an […]

Charter Schools 101

By Mitch Coffman
January 24, 2009
In March 2008, the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice conducted a survey of 1,000 likely voters in Idaho to measure public opinion on a range of education issues. What the survey found is "nearly half of Idaho voters are not satisfied with the state's current public school system - 47% rate Idaho's public school system […]

School choice group says Idahoans want education options

By Mitch Coffman
January 1, 1970
The Friedman Foundation, a pro-school choice group based in Indianapolis, released a study Thursday saying that a good share of Idahoans would support a tax-credit education program in the Gem State. The study polled 2,097 Idaho residents, and nearly 60 percent of respondents said they would send their children to somewhere other than public schools […]
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