Idaho welcomes diversity, but not the social justice version of it

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About a hundred descendants of David and Yetta Cohen gathered for a family reunion in Georgia earlier this summer. Over the span of a few days, my aunts, uncles, and cousins, mostly Jews who live on the east coast, questioned me about Idaho, the state I’ve called home for nearly 25 years. Their curiosities were mostly about, in no particular …

College insurance mandate is also wrong

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Larry Grant makes a point in his column last week that should not go ignored: Grant, the chairman of the Idaho Democrats, noted that the State Board of Education voted last month to continue enforcing its mandate that full-time Idaho college students purchase insurance. Grant thinks he’s exposed an example of hypocrisy — with state officials opposing mandatory health insurance …

2012 Idaho Report on Government Waste

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WARNING: The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s 2012 Idaho Report on Government Waste is 120 pages long. We recommend scheduling lots of time to read it, or plan several breaks as part of your review of the document. You might consider consulting with a doctor before diving into our research, as it may make your head hurt.

At the U.S. Department of Education, do the names Adam Smith or Milton Friedman ring a bell? Perhaps not.

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The U.S. Department of Education has released a 450-page document with new rules for the “for-profit higher education sector.”  The agency's intent is to create “gainful employment in a recognized occupation.”  We gather “gainful employment” is governmentese for getting a job. Drug dealing and prostitution are “recognized occupations” – but we digress. Among the provisions is a rule tying federal …

Time for a reform in Higher Education in Idaho

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The Idaho Legislature spent much of the winter deliberating how to improve K-12 education.  And they implemented reforms that we've long waited for. Next, the Legislature should turn its attention to modernizing and improving our publicly funded higher education programs.  State taxpayers are paying more than one-half of the bill for higher education costs for Idaho’s college students at public …