How to guarantee higher college tuition costs

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By Scott Yenor | Special to Idaho Freedom Foundation College costs continue to rise. Columbia, the nation’s tuition leader this past academic year, has seen its price tag climb yet again, to about $60,000 annually for tuition alone, bringing its total annual cost to over $75,000, when counting room and board. Ivy League schools are not alone. For two generations, …

Credit Little with containing costs after Kustra’s expensive years at BSU

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Former Boise State University President Bob Kustra says he can’t understand why Gov. Brad Little has decided to keep a lid on state spending even as the economy is growing. “Someone has left the control room of state government, and the autopilot is off course,” Kustra groaned in a recent column.  Though Kustra is confused, it doesn’t require much brain …

Help Idaho’s colleges and students by freezing tuition

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Gov. Brad Little’s preemptive “spending reset,” to rein in state spending before the next economic downturn, is a good start to help Idaho taxpayers who could use a break from a decade of a growing state government. But other taxpayers—Idaho’s increasingly put-upon college and university students—also need relief. That relief can be achieved if Little and lawmakers decide this winter …

Idaho welcomes diversity, but not the social justice version of it

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About a hundred descendants of David and Yetta Cohen gathered for a family reunion in Georgia earlier this summer. Over the span of a few days, my aunts, uncles, and cousins, mostly Jews who live on the east coast, questioned me about Idaho, the state I’ve called home for nearly 25 years. Their curiosities were mostly about, in no particular …

College insurance mandate is also wrong

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Larry Grant makes a point in his column last week that should not go ignored: Grant, the chairman of the Idaho Democrats, noted that the State Board of Education voted last month to continue enforcing its mandate that full-time Idaho college students purchase insurance. Grant thinks he’s exposed an example of hypocrisy — with state officials opposing mandatory health insurance …

2012 Idaho Report on Government Waste

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WARNING: The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s 2012 Idaho Report on Government Waste is 120 pages long. We recommend scheduling lots of time to read it, or plan several breaks as part of your review of the document. You might consider consulting with a doctor before diving into our research, as it may make your head hurt.