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Boise State Student Body President announces campaign for Idaho House (video)

Boise State Student Body President announces campaign for Idaho House (video)

Dustin Hurst
February 19, 2010
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February 19, 2010

Trevor Grigg, Student Body President at Boise State University, announced his campaign bid for the Idaho House of Representatives Friday on the Capitol steps.

Grigg will run as a Republican and will likely face Democrat Phylis King, serving her second term as the Representative for District 18, seat b, which covers sections of south Boise.

In his first campaign address to a crowd estimated at 50 people, Grigg said he would avoid tax increases and work to shrink the size of government.  He said that as a younger legislator, he would be able to effectively plan for the future and help avoid looming budget difficulties.

State Reps. Marv Hagedorn, R-Meridian, Joe Palmer, R-Meridian, and Steve Thayn, R-Emmett, stood behind Grigg as he spoke to the crowd.

Here is what Grigg had to say following his speech:

Grigg is seeking an undergraduate degree at BSU and expects to graduate in Spring of 2011. He has served two terms as the Student Body President of BSU, a feat that has only been accomplished twice in the school's history. You can visit his campaign website here.  You can also visit King's campaign website here.

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