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Bedke, Gov. Little should call the Legislature back to session

Bedke, Gov. Little should call the Legislature back to session

Wayne Hoffman
August 12, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
August 12, 2021

Throughout the country, people are being coerced to surrender control over their bodies and their medical privacy. Petty tyrants abound, in government offices and in corporate headquarters. Supposedly free Americans are being told that their right to work, travel, shop, and congregate will be severely abridged if they don’t inject a foreign substance into their bodies. Our society is quickly being divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated, with the latter facing discrimination if they don’t comply. 

This is also true in Idaho, where residents are about to find out their right to freely travel and enjoy life will be curtailed if they do not submit to an experimental medical procedure. 

Both House Speaker Scott Bedke and Gov. Brad Little have the power to call the Legislature back to session to stop the madness. Contrary to protests by the leftist business lobby Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, this is not an employer-employee relationship issue. 

This is, instead, about basic human rights, protected by our country’s founding documents. It's about the torment of Idahoans who must be free to exercise their unalienable, God-given rights in any setting. It is the proper role of government to act in the interest of protecting those rights. 

Compelling someone to inject something into their bodies is a form of assault. Ordering people to disclose their medical status is an invasion of privacy. These are tangible issues for lawmakers to deliberate, and time is running short to do so, with medical mandates being implemented as I write this. 

With the House in recess since May, Bedke has the power to bring the Legislature back. I urge all Idahoans to call or write Bedke immediately. His office phone number is 208-332-1111. His email [email protected]. Gov. Little has always had the constitutional authority to call the Legislature back as well. His phone number is 208-334-2100. His email is [email protected]. Tell them:

  • It is wrong for anyone to coerce another human being to inject or ingest something into their body, or use duress — including the threat of loss of income or travel — to convince a person to undergo a health procedure.
  • Nobody should be required to carry with them, display, or sign up for a tracking device that discloses their medical records to enter a business, building, or establishment or enjoy or pursue their constitutionally-protected rights.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars flow to organizations that are implementing vaccine mandates. It is the responsibility of the Legislature to make certain that taxpayer money isn’t being used, directly or indirectly, to sustain such coercion.
  • States exist to fight coercion by the federal government. Thousands of federal employees living in Idaho face the threat of forced vaccination if the state does nothing. By not acting, Idaho lawmakers, especially Bedke, are giving cover to the Biden administration to order Idahoans to undergo injections.
  • There is nothing preventing Idaho schools from mandating certain vaccines of students, teachers, volunteers, and even parents. Lawmakers should act to prevent the possibility of exploitation. 

This is time for Bedke and Little to demonstrate leadership on an issue of growing concern for Idahoans. Tell them to not delay any longer. It’s time for the Legislature to get to work. 

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  • Mark Arrowood says:

    Your statement: Throughout the country, people are being coerced to surrender control over their bodies and their medical privacy. Petty tyrants abound, in government offices and in corporate headquarters, Sounds a whole lot like an acceptance of abortion, right? I mean my body my right. Yet I know that is the farthest thing from your beliefs. Why talk out of both sides of your mouth?

    • KD says:

      I just love it when people try to compare apples to oranges. Would a business or government in America ever be allowed to threaten your job, freedom or medical privacy if you decided to get an abortion? NO. Not to mention the slightly important fact that abortion is actually murder of a human being. But hey, while you're at it, please explain why YOU should have it both ways?

      • Mark Arrowood says:

        Both ways? I’m advocating for the health and well-being of the average citizen. Mr. Hoffman would allow people to jeopardize every ones health and therefore their freedom for sake of his own concept of “selfish freedom”.

        • "Sheeple Gotta Sheeple" says:

          Very respectfully, you need to do some more reading on the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

          With a
          **99.9+% survival rate (that is similar to the annual "Vitamin-D Deficiency SEASON")
          **where NUMEROUS other effective medical treatments are available,
          **where MORE DEATHs than ALL OTHER injection-related deaths have occurred with this EXPERIMENTAL injection,
          **REQUIRING one to receive an injection (that is NOT a 'vaccine'), is simple madness.

          "Read more, covidiot less."

        • KD says:

          There's nothing selfish about fighting against the murder of the unborn.

  • C Sellers says:

    Governor Little pours another 30 Million of Idaho Tax dollars into big pharma so they can test kids in school for a virus. Our fed tax dollars already are paying into this (as debt increases). Why the duplicate, why at all??

  • Carol Menges says:

    I'm not about to ask Gov. Little or Speaker Bedke for much of anything anymore. They're not trustworthy on the highest levels of government leadership. Frankly Wayne, you can't expect to have it both ways when it's convenient, or even necessary, and then ditch 'em when it suits. Both Little and Bedke know what they ought to do to make things right on these things; but if you and others who agree with you--and I usually do--the divide between us and them are too politically dangerous right now for us to ask for favors from them. One hand would have to wash the other, so to speak, requiring favors in return, and we then will be beholden to them. Bad choice, Wayne! Don't do it! They already ought to know what they should do, but they don't care. They're fine with playing in the swamp, and they'll force you to lose credibility.

    It's not needed. Their hearts aren't in it anyway or they'd do the right thing in the first place, without pretense. It would be purely appearances on their part, with us beholden to them. Very bad idea! It won't work anyway, not in the long term. Integrity isn't their way.

    Instead, look to real, capable and genuine leadership to come to their rescue as quickly as we voters notice who ought to be trusted instead: such as, Janice McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings, a huge swath of new voters ready to vote for them and help them win. There are a few other good leaders already too. Use what's real, not those who are merely available at best. Maybe. Not good enough.

  • Sue says:

    "........the divide between us and them are too politically dangerous right now for us to ask for favors from them". What? We are reminding them that the oaths they took to protect and defend the Constitution and from enemies foreign and domestic.
    We are not asking them for favors.We are demanding they do their sworn duty to protect the people of Idaho who are being lied to about the jab. How many more people have to needlessly die or be maimed in this state by this chemical-soup-in-a-needle before these leaders do their duty. Waiting for the next election will be too late and a whole lot of us are unwilling to be guinea pigs in the interim.

  • Bee says:


    Laying up is how they stick their finger out to see which way the mandate winds are blowing. Gov. Brad LITTL ''r'' news to be replaced.
    He doesn't govern/lead in most cases. Scott Bedke needs to take his position our for a spin or step down instead of ''laying up'' as well.

    Thank you Wayne for this article and for including contact information!!!

  • "Sheeple Gotta Sheeple" says:

    "Bedke, Gov. Little should call the Legislature back to session"

    Won't happen.

    Bedke, Gov. Little are beholden to the CCP.

  • Karen L McElroy says:

    I'm a 74 year old woman. I had a brain aneurysm 20 years ago and I cannot have something injected into my system that is going to possibly give me problems. Ive worked very hard through out the last years to remain somewhat healthy and I can't afford to mess around with this experimental shot. There have been too many who have died after getting this experimental shot. I do not want to engage in this obscene demand the government is making. For all of us to comply with. It is essential that I try to keep my body free of this experimental drug. I do not go along with what the One World Order is demanding we go through.
    Thank you for your work to keep Idaho free of this kind of demand. It is our constitutional right to demand we/you do everything we can to protect our rights as an American under the Constitution.
    Thank you for fighting for our rights.
    Karen MceElroy

  • john says:

    i tried to explain my thoughts about the vaccine
    but i give up
    science has proven that the vaccine workes
    if you do not want it it is your life
    but please do not take someone else with you

  • john says:

    Mr Wayne I do not know how old you are but years ago we were dying off from
    small pox ,polio, yellow fever and many other sickness and scientist got together
    and came up with vaccines to save lives
    why are you so against this one or are you against all vaccines
    after when i was born i got scarlet fever and my mother had to work hard to keep me alive when my sister was born she also came down with scarlet fever
    and she was given a shot and it was it
    are you against chlorine in water
    i do not understand

    • KD says:

      It's not necessarily about the vaccine itself. There's a much bigger picture here! I'm not anti-vax, but I'm pro freedom!

    • Amanda says:

      All of those diseases were on their way out before the vax came. Please do at least a little research.

      • john says:

        your right the diseases were on the way out
        everyone that had the disease died and there was no one
        to pass it on
        i am sorry i lived through most of the diseases
        and i knew people in iron lungs
        handy caped for life and some died
        when we got the vaccine we looked at it as g-d sent
        but as K D said you have your freedom

    • Tim D says:

      If this were a conventional vaccine that would be different. This is conventional, it is experimental.

    • Tim D says:

      in my reply to john, my statement should have read "not" conventional but experimental. sorry

  • Mark Gundert says:

    Bedke and Little are not RINOS. They are Biden Democrats mascaraing with an R in front of their their names. We have some of the same as Commissioners in Boundary County!

  • Tim D says:

    It is troubling to see where Idaho is heading. Our republican leaders for the most part are completely in with the rinos, crapo and risch included. It's as if they are trying to appease the influx of new voters moving in to Idaho who have a reputation of being a lot less republican. The latest attack on Giddings was a total "good ole boy" attack. Stand and support any one who stands up against the actions of these "leaders"!

  • john says:

    Mr wayne writes very well but what he misses is that we are not asking anyone to take anything that they do not want we are asking them to stay away from
    other people, so they do not pass the verse on
    mandating masks or the vaccine at work is up to your employer

    do you remember Typhoid Mary ( look it up )
    she had to be jailed in her home
    i am not saying lock everyone up that does not get the shot
    but there should be some consequence if you do not
    and you keep passing the virus to others
    my wife just had surgery and we found out she was one of the last
    patients aloud in the hospital other than covet
    and 90% of them are not vaccinated
    i said this once before
    if you want to kill yourself that is your right
    but do not take others with you
    and do not take up valuable hospital bed space
    i know i do not write as nice as most with my limited education
    but i like to get to the point as i see it

  • john says:

    our hospitals are full with covit patients who did not get the shot
    and now we are looking for medical help from around the country
    and you are complaining about taking the shot to protect your
    freedom well you have the freedom to end up in the hospital or not
    what i do not understand
    if a doctor said you need to have your appendices out after a second opinion
    you would probably would have it removed
    now we have doctors and scientists from around the world telling us the shot works
    and you want more information

  • john says:

    2nd hand smoke can not be the cause a problem
    now we know better
    exhaling the viruses can not cause a problem either
    we now have 700,000 dead people and counting
    why is it my body my chose in something but not in others
    i am against abortion but i am pro choose
    my wife needed surgery last month but
    they stopped taking in people for elective surgery and were open for covert
    and it seems that most if not all were nonvaccinated
    when will we ever learn
    I F F can give all kind of statistics but will only give you the ones that agree with there position they are not even handed
    they did not tell you that all the hospital are full and that we have to go out of state for service or that some of the vaccines are not experimental they have been proven
    how many people must die before we learn

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