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Boise business owner not happy with unemployment insurance late fee

What happens when an Inc. 500 company in Idaho files its unemployment insurance tax one day late? According to the company in question, it receives a letter threatening civil penalty from the Idaho Department of [...]

Pocatello Development Authority misleads public about decision to forgive loan in exchange for stock in a private corporation

Press Release September 7, 2011 - The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), a government watchdog and free market think tank based in Boise, today accused Pocatello’s urban renewal agency, the Pocatello Development Authority, of trying to [...]

Dover Urban Renewal Agency and Increased Taxes

The city of Dover is a rural town in Idaho’s panhandle. Despite having a population of 476 people in 2005, the city decided to form an urban renewal agency, which would then use property tax [...]

Dover taxpayers foot heavy burden for urban renewal, Idaho Freedom Foundation study finds

click to view the entire report PRESS RELEASE:  A new study by the Idaho Freedom Foundation shows levy rates for the city of Dover would be half what they are if not for urban renewal [...]

Kuna’s 2003 Urban Renewal resurfaces without a vote of the citizens

The city of Kuna, obviously aware of legislation passed by the Idaho Legislature regulating creation of an Urban Renewal Agency (URA), established a URA in May, well in advance of the July 1 implementation of [...]

At the U.S. Department of Education, do the names Adam Smith or Milton Friedman ring a bell? Perhaps not.

The U.S. Department of Education has released a 450-page document with new rules for the “for-profit higher education sector.”  The agency's intent is to create "gainful employment in a recognized occupation.”  We gather “gainful employment” [...]