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Alas, but no surprise, the Lewiston Tribune once again got it wrong

Alas, but no surprise, the Lewiston Tribune once again got it wrong

Wayne Hoffman
May 22, 2013

I have recently discovered that there are not enough hours in the day to correct the misinformation from the Lewiston Tribune. No, kidding, I would have to hire additional staff just to supervise the nonsense and misinformation, both from the Tribune's reporters and its editorial page. Alas, there are better ways to spend the money of our generous donors, whom Lewiston Tribune editorial writer Marty Trillhaase holds in great disdain.

But Marty has chosen to target me, just because I run the Idaho Freedom Foundation, an organization with a tremendous amount of reach and influence (and possibly because he knows I won’t take it personally, and I don't).

Still, Marty doesn't like that the Idaho Freedom Foundation educates lawmakers and the public about the power of free market solutions to improve the lives of Idahoans. He prefers Big Government, and the Idaho Freedom Foundation, therefore, is the greatest threat to Marty's world view.

Marty is upset with me because I chose to contest a speeding ticket. My ticket said I was being charged with violating Idaho Code 49-654(2)(E). Being engaged in public policy each day as the Idaho Freedom Foundation is, I looked up Idaho Code 49-654(2)(E). Turns out, the statute doesn't exist. The police made up the statute in order to accommodate the penalties for driving too fast that the state Supreme Court invented when the Legislature didn't.

Marty, himself not a stranger to state statutes, wants me to shut up and pay the fine. I think that's a very strange proposition. Here in America, lawmakers write laws, and courts adjudicate those laws. Here in America, when courts write laws, people should get upset. Here in America, when people get upset, they have the right to take their grievance to their legislators and to the court system, as I have.

The court has clearly overstepped its bounds. What if the court decided people should pay more for speeding in a truck, and less for speeding in a car? What if the court decided speeding was bad, but speeding with kids in your car is badder? Courts shouldn't make law, and when it does someone should step in and demand corrective action. It so happens that today, I'm that somebody.

I still like Marty. It's fun to trade barbs with him, and I value his friendship and his warped sense of reality. Occasionally, Marty and I agree, but when we don't, it only further helps validate my thinking in the pursuit of economic freedom and justice.

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