The wife of freshman Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick, A.K. Lienhart Minnick, handed out the first-ever “Not Sarah” award Saturday morning at the Idaho State Democratic Convention at the Coeur d’Alene Casino in Worley.  The award was given to the party’s vice-chair Jeanne Buell, also of Worley, for her work within the party.

Minnick, giving a speech to the Women’s Caucus at the convention, said that Buell is someone who inspires other women “without saying ‘you betcha,'” a phrase for which Republican superstar Sarah Palin is known.  Minnick praised Buell for being someone who is well-read, inspiring, and actively working to improve the Idaho Democratic Party.

Lienhart-Minnick encouraged the women to pass the award around to others on a yearly basis, which Buell promised to do next year.

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