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Wyoming-to-Idaho power line sure to generate controversy

Wyoming-to-Idaho power line sure to generate controversy

Mitch Coffman
October 5, 2012
Mitch Coffman
October 5, 2012

A $7 billion power line stretching from Wyoming to southwest Idaho is on the drawing board, but just where it might be located and if it will ever be built are in question, says a story in the Idaho Statesman.

One route designates mostly private land for the 1,150-mile transmission line. Another option calls for the facility to be on mostly public land, including the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area near Kuna. However, the Bureau of Land Management says the lines are not allowed in that area and has recommended that the line use private property as was originally planned.

Called the Gateway West project, it is a joint effort of Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power and is described as the largest industrial project in the nation.

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