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Wolf hunt closes in Palouse-Hells Canyon

Wolf hunt closes in Palouse-Hells Canyon

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
December 23, 2009
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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December 23, 2009

Another zone of the state-licensed wolf hunt in Idaho is closed.
The limit of five wolves has been reached in the Palouse-Hells Canyon zone in Western Idaho, according to Idaho Fish and Game. So far, a total of 131 wolves have been killed across Idaho.
Three of the four wolf hunting zones that have been closed are along the western state border.


Charts on Fish and Game's quota page showed that three of the remaining ten open zones have five or fewer legal kills remaining.

Idaho's wolf hunting season made national headlines when it began this fall. It is scheduled to wrap up at the end of March 31 if hunters don't meet the state limit of 200 wolves.

Read the full news release at the Fish and Game website, which also has rules and tips for hunting wolves.

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