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Hoff Time Report: Left-leaning Supreme Court gets the initiative wrong, endangering Idaho

March 1, 2022

It's not surprising that the Idaho Supreme Court ruled against a new law requiring more uniform collection of petition signatures in order for an initiative to qualify for the ballot. What is shocking is how badly the court twisted itself into knots to justify its decision to the satisfaction of the state's leftists.

Contrary to what the court said, the true story of the state's constitutional amendment allowing for direct democracy starts in 1911. This is when the Legislature took up, in earnest, the "progressive" era's goal to let the people propose and pass laws at the ballot box. But lawmakers got stuck on two key details: how many signatures should be required to put a question before voters, and what threshold should be required for passage. Lawmakers even contemplated an 80% threshold for passage.

Read the rest here: https://IDFree.us/CourtR

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