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The difference between the woke and the awake

The difference between the woke and the awake

Bryan Hyde
October 31, 2022
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October 31, 2022

Ammon Bundy’s recent campaign ad that took on the “woke cult” has sent some shock waves through the political establishment. Bundy calls out the culture warriors who are systematically working to tear down the institutions and ideals on which our nation was founded.

The ad has drawn strong reactions, including the predictable disapproval from the political left. It has also received positive feedback from people who are grateful to see someone stand up to the social justice mob. 

It’s also a decent illustration of the difference between the woke and those who are awake or aware.

The woke movement is a growing branch of social justice crusades.

Critical race theory is part of the larger body of leftist critical social justice theories. It represents a type of leftist activism that is aimed directly at our children. It is built around the Marxist premise of endless class warfare with an oppressor class and a victim class. The revolutionary goal here is less economic and more cultural in scope.

What’s curious is how woke activists and defenders of their agenda work hard to convince us that we’re simply imagining things.

Former Attorney General Jim Jones regularly attacks what he terms “extremist legislators who want to ban certain books and academic theories from our schools.” 

Woke defenders will sometimes claim that an effort was made to confirm these so-called instances of left-wing indoctrination but found nothing. This is part of a rhetorical game in which one very narrow definition is used in order to dismiss a range of concerns about a particular theory.

But the agenda is still finding its way into the schools.

When students come home having been taught that America was founded on racism or schooled on queer theory or gender identity, they’re learning social justice themes. And those themes are intended to bring our children into their woke ideological worldview.

Kids are being groomed to become little activists when they are forced to participate in pronoun guessing games or learning tolerance for hyper-sexualized behavior or asked to question their own gender or sexuality. They are not allowed to disagree.

This is why those advancing the woke agenda are constantly seeking to entrench it in every aspect of our daily lives. From government to media to business to academia to religion, woke ideology has captured most of our institutions.

The notable exception is family, which may explain why woke events billed as “family friendly” are about helping children find their way into a new ideological family.

This is why some parents who spoke out last year at school board meetings across the country were accused of being potential domestic terrorists. It’s why media and political defenders of the woke agenda portray everyone who isn’t on the far left as being extremist or far right.

In reality, the moral high ground is currently held by the folks who are “awake” and calling out the twisted ideals being imposed on their children. And they are on the right side of history to do so.

Before opening the door further or turning a blind eye to what the woke are demanding we accept, we should be certain we are crystal clear on what’s at stake.

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