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The California Blueprint

IFF's Center for American Education Presents the California Blueprint

California’s legislators, state department of education, colleges of education, teacher unions, and school boards have built a seemingly impenetrable bureaucratic machine to govern the public school system. It resembles an unaccountable monopoly, with poor academic results and being governed by a self-regarding ideology that promotes the cutting edge of leading radical gender and anti-racism theories.

IFF's Center for American Education has partnered with the Claremont Institute Center for the American Way of Life to present a groundbreaking report looking at how the state of California has gone all-in on critical social justice in its K-12 school system. This report examines how activists and lawmakers teamed up to turn California's schools into left-wing indoctrination centers.

California’s strategic plan for education imagines the public school as the principal educator of children and the state as the main influence in shaping students’ minds. Expressions of parental concern for their own children, as articulated at local school boards, have little weight in the eyes of California’s education establishment.

This report should serve as a warning to all Idahoans about how bad things can get. Learn how California went wrong so you can help Idaho go right.

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California shows where Idaho is headed if we do not get our public school system under control. We must reform public education; we must shut down leftist indoctrination; we must save the next generation. Fill out the form below to get your free copy of the California blueprint and learn what we must avoid in Idaho.

Enterprising journalists should expose the closed, quasi-monopolistic system that benefits bureaucrats at the top, without delivering quality education for most Californians.


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