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Statesman column: Ready, aim, misfire on summer feeding program

Statesman column: Ready, aim, misfire on summer feeding program

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
June 20, 2013
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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June 20, 2013

A recent column in the Idaho Statesman perpetuates the usual liberal media myths about a summer food program operated by the state Department of Education. The story claims the program feeds 21,000 low-income children, thus preventing the possibility of summer hunger as a result of school being out. Interesting, if true.

As we have reported, the program may or may not reach low-income children because the program has no requirement for anyone to verify income to participate. The "no questions asked" policy means anyone can get free food, not just the needy. As is typical of government programs, this one spends generously, and isn't really concerned with results.

What's also interesting about the program is its anti-obesity focus. The Statesman points out that program operators are concerned kids will get fat eating poorly over the summer. Obviously, this program isn't just about hunger, and saving kids from starving. It is about government playing the part of mom and dad, who, the government believes, aren't cut out to decide what kids eat.

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