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Senate votes for loosening defibrillator liability

Senate votes for loosening defibrillator liability

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 15, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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March 15, 2010

The Idaho Senate voted 32-3 Monday to protect Idaho businesses, churches, and people from lawsuits due to using and installing automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).  The legal change would protect simple negligence related to AEDs and still penalize gross negligence.  That liability protection is similar to other Good Samaritan laws.

“There has been a reluctance to place AEDs because of liability concerns, even when they are free,” Sen. Dean Mortimer, R-Idaho Falls, said.

Sen. Les Bock, D-Boise, cast one of the three no votes.  He said during a committee hearing on the proposal that people could rely on a faulty AED, which could waste valuable time during an emergency.

The proposal now heads to the House.  Read the text of the legislation here.

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