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Senate Bill 1368 — Occupational licensing, character

Senate Bill 1368 — Occupational licensing, character

Parrish Miller
March 8, 2022

Bill Description: Senate Bill 1368 would remove subjective standards for occupational licensing relating to an applicant's moral character.

Rating: +1

Does it increase barriers to entry into the market? Examples include occupational licensure, the minimum wage, and restrictions on home businesses. Conversely, does it remove barriers to entry into the market?

Senate Bill 1368 is a lengthy bill that amends numerous sections of Idaho code that cover occupational licensure. These amendments remove subjective references to "good moral character" (and even one reference to "temperate habits") and replace them with uniform references to section 67-9411(1), Idaho Code, which deals with criminal convictions.

Occupational licensing is a government-created barrier to entry into the market. It’s made worse when a licensing board uses vague and subjective impressions of a person’s character when it decides whether to grant a license.


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