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Senate Bill 1282 — Elimination of cemetarian license

Senate Bill 1282 — Elimination of cemetarian license

Parrish Miller
February 7, 2020

Bill description: SB1282 would eliminate the inactive Board of Cemeterians and its associated licenses and fees.

Rating: +1

Does it create, expand, or enlarge any agency, board, program, function, or activity of government? Conversely, does it eliminate or curtail the size or scope of government?

In 1989, Idaho legislators created the Board of Cemeterians to license those who care for cemeteries. Over the ensuing three decades, however, no one has been appointed to this board nor have any cemetarian licenses been issued. SB 1282 removes the code containing this inactive board along with the associated licenses and fees by repealing Chapter 38, Title 54, Idaho Code.


Analyst’s Note: Repealing an active occupational license statute would likely result in a piece of legislation receiving a higher rating on the freedom index because it removes licenses and fees that serve as barriers to market entry. The repeal of an inactive occupational license statute is rated positively for a reduction in unnecessary code, but is not rated for the de jure changes that have no de facto impact on individuals within the industry.

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