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Senate Bill 1058 — Charter school administrators

Senate Bill 1058 — Charter school administrators

Phil Haunschild
February 14, 2019

Bill description: SB 1058 would allow charter school administrators to receive an alternate certificate rather than a full teaching certificate, as required under current law.

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Does it increase barriers to entry into the market? Examples include occupational licensure, the minimum wage, and restrictions on home businesses. Conversely, does it remove barriers to entry into the market?

Under current law, anyone working as a teacher, supervisor, administrator, education specialist, school nurse or school librarian is required to have a teaching certificate issued by the state Board of Education. SB 1058 would allow the state board to certify individuals to work as the administrator of a charter school so long as the individual: (1) holds a bachelor’s degree, (2) passes a background check, (3) completes a course in administrative evaluations and (4) has written approval from the board of directors of a charter school that will hire that person. Additionally, the person would be required to either (1) have at least five or more years of experience administering a charter school, (2) hold a post-baccalaureate degree and five years in an administrative position elsewhere, (3) have completed a charter school teachers fellowship, or (4) have five years of teaching experience and a commitment from another charter school administrator, who will  serve as a mentor to that person for at least one year.

By allowing individuals to work as charter school administrators beyond just those who have traditional educational or administrative experience and a full certificate, SB 1058 would reduce the barrier to serving in this administrative capacity. Doing so would allow individuals who can provide a different perspective to work in this profession and contribute to the success of charter schools, which offer an alternative education to what students would receive through traditional public schools.


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