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SB 1252 - Engineering education

SB 1252 - Engineering education

Phil Haunschild
February 7, 2018

Bill Description: SB 1252 would eliminate unnecessary educational barriers to licensure for becoming a professional engineer or land surveyor.

Rating: +1

Does it increase barriers to entry into the market? Conversely, does it remove barriers to entry into the market? 

SB 1252 would allow individuals who have failed an engineering or land surveying licensing test to retake the test when they believe that they can capably pass it.

Currently, if an individual fails the test more than once they must wait for a designated period and return to college for a specified number of college credits. After two failed tests, this waiting period is one additional year of experience and eight more college credits in a relevant degree. After a third attempt, licensee-hopefuls are required to obtain three more years of relevant experience and twelve college credits before they can sit for the test again.

The evermore burdensome educational requirements and lengthy wait periods put an undue burden on those attempting to gain licensure as engineers or land surveyors.


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