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Social Justice in Idaho Higher Education, University of Idaho

Social justice education poses a threat to education in America and to the American way of life.

Social justice education divides the world into aggrieved minorities and oppressive majorities. Wherever it is practiced, it compromises the pursuit of truth, the free exchange of ideas, and the aspiration of seeing people
assimilate into the great American melting pot. It cultivates anger and resentment among the supposedly aggrieved, while undermining the stability and mutual toleration that contributes to individual happiness and
good citizenship.

Universities across the country are slowly building up an apparatus in which social justice ideology is displacing both professional and general education. Some universities like the Ohio State University have over 100
administrators dedicated to social justice. And nearly all universities, including University of Idaho (UI), have adopted social justice ideology and have therefore changed their mission.

Social Justice education at UI is well-established in various organizations. There is a senior, provost-level administrator dedicated to it. For years, the assumptions of social justice ideology have spread into hiring policies,
curriculum, and student life. We show this in several ways:

  • UI administrators have developed a lengthy and detailed strategic plan for realizing their commitment to pushing social justice activism in hiring, recruitment, and culture-building.
  • UI has a chief diversity officer (hired in 2015) and has established several standing committees to extend the reach of social justice ideology into all facets of the university.
  • Its major colleges and departments are taking this social justice emphasis into the curriculum and the classroom. The College of Engineering leads the way with a Director of Engineering Diversity.
  • Students must take at least five general education courses that are focused on or involve social justice education.
  • Social justice ideology plays a significant part in at least 14 departments at UI.
  • Campus speakers sponsored by the university are exclusively left-wing and represent social justice ideology.

UI is on the same path as universities like the Ohio State University. Its culture dedicated to social justice is professional and bureaucratized, permeating deeply into academic and student life. It will continue on the path unless the political institutions of Idaho force change. We suggest budgetary and administrative ways of putting UI and our other universities back on the right track.

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