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Public lands resolutions praised by Idaho Freedom Foundation

Public lands resolutions praised by Idaho Freedom Foundation

Mitch Coffman
April 2, 2013
Mitch Coffman
April 2, 2013

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) on Tuesday applauded the Legislature's passage of two resolutions to begin the process of putting the state in charge of Idaho public lands now controlled by the federal government. The Idaho Freedom Foundation played a key role in igniting the discussion over the past year and a half, including bringing Utah Rep. Ken Ivory of the American Lands Council to Idaho prior to the start of the legislative session for the 2013 IFF Legislative Preview, fostering interest from key legislators and stakeholders.

IFF director of operations, Erik Makrush, said, “This is the right course of action for our state and for our state's future citizens. The federal government has locked up and prevented access to timber, mining and recreation opportunities. This limits Idaho's ability to create jobs and generate revenue from most of the land in our state. Idaho's Legislature, in passing the two resolutions, is taking proper, thoughtful steps to restore state sovereignty and seek economic opportunity for the state of Idaho."

To contact Makrush, call 208-258-2280, or email him at Erik@IdahoFreedom.net.


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