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Pride in America: Joe Rogan

Pride in America: Joe Rogan

Brian Almon
June 22, 2023

Welcome to Pride in America Month. Every day in the month of June and through Independence Day, we will highlight a figure who has demonstrated and defended American values. Consider it a healthy alternative to the Left's June celebration that has taken over the media and corporate America.

Comedian. Martial artist. Actor. UFC commentator. Podcaster. Joe Rogan has certainly led an eclectic life.

Raised by a single mother after his dad left, Rogan had a fairly normal childhood, growing up in New Jersey, Florida, and Massachusetts. He developed an interest in martial arts and, at age 19, won a national championship in taekwondo. After a brief stint in college, he earned a living teaching martial arts, delivering newspapers, and driving a limousine. He attempted to break into the world of stand-up comedy, performing his first show in Boston in 1988.

By 1994, Rogan was given an acting role in a TV series despite not having any previous experience. He later starred with Phil Hartman on Newsradio. In 1997, he began work as a UFC reporter, and in 2001, he hosted the TV show Fear Factor.

All of this is to say that Joe Rogan has done a little bit of everything in show business. When he started a podcast in 2009, he surely did not think that this would be what made him a household name, but here we are.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular shows in history, reaching tens of millions of people throughout the world. Rogan invites figures from sports, entertainment, politics, and business for in-depth discussions. Guests on Rogan’s show are given much more time to share their ideas, but Rogan also holds them accountable and presses them for answers to tough questions. It is exactly this transparency that has made his show so popular and why establishment media grew to hate him.

It was during the COVID lockdowns that he really became the media’s enemy number one. When he became ill with COVID, Rogan followed the advice of his doctor and went on a regimen of vitamins, supplements, and drugs such as ivermectin. This ran counter to the official narrative, and so regime outlets attacked him. CNN even digitally altered a picture of Rogan to make him look more sick than he really was. The fact that he completely recovered must have annoyed them to no end.

The latest controversy involves Dr. Peter Hotez, who has spent the last three years going on cable news and using his credentials to urge people to lock down and get the jab, criticized Rogan for hosting Robert Kennedy, Jr. Rogan invited Hotez on to his podcast to debate Kennedy, only for Hotez and the media establishment to denounce him as an ignoramus not worthy of Hotez’ time.

Yet that is exactly why people love Joe Rogan. He is not a scientist, a journalist, or a politician. He’s not an expert; rather, he is a regular guy who is curious about the world around him. No matter how many media figures, politicians, or celebrities have called for Rogan’s cancellation, he has only gotten stronger. We need more Joe Rogans and fewer experts lecturing us from their ivory towers.

Do you have a great American who deserves to be celebrated this month? Let us know!

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