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Pride in America: Elon Musk

Pride in America: Elon Musk

Brian Almon
June 8, 2023

Welcome to Pride in America Month. Every day in the month of June and through Independence Day, we will be highlighting a figure who has demonstrated and defended American values. Consider it a healthy alternative to the Left's June celebration that has taken over the media and corporate America.

America has long been defined by ingenuity. By the turn of the 20th century, the United States was home to many of the great innovations that came to define civilization. Consider the great inventors and engineers who achieved their great works in our country: Samuel Colt, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and too many more to list here. 

If there is one man today who has reached the same heights it is Elon Musk. Born in South Africa and educated in Canada, Musk made his way to Silicon Valley just as the Internet was in the early stages of changing the world forever. Musk co-created an online banking platform called X.com that later evolved into PayPal, and used the proceeds of its sale to eBay to found SpaceX in 2002 and purchase a large share of Tesla in 2004.

Like the great innovators of the past, Elon Musk has a vision for the future, a passion to build something now that might not bear fruit for years. He has used his time and his wealth to build rockets that can deliver payloads to orbit and then land on earth to be reused, efficient battery systems that promise worthwhile renewable energy, tunnels for quick and efficient transportation between cities, and neural chips that could help paraplegics walk again.

When Musk began the process of buying Twitter in 2022, it made left-wing heads explode. They predicted immediate failure, and the platform’s continued success has only made them angrier. Journalists write piece after piece condemning Musk for allowing “hate speech” on the platform and demanding that the government do something about it.

You see, whereas Musk has a vision for how technology can help mankind be better, leftist journalists are only looking for their next target to cancel. They thought that Twitter was secure in their hands, a tool of censorship for a totalitarian regime that thinks the Chinese Communist Party is a model to emulate. Elon Musk shattered their illusions and reminded us of what a free society could be.

At the helm of Twitter, Musk has laid bare the platform's past misdeeds, including Twitter's collusion with government to silence opposition voices on matters pertaining to recent elections, the LGBT agenda, and Covid policies. He has also made something clear: he'd rather go broke than become the instrument to suppress free speech as Twitter once was.

Elon Musk has already earned his place on the Mt. Rushmore of American innovators but he is not done yet. Hopefully many more inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs follow in his footsteps and help make America free once again.

Do you have a great American who deserves to be celebrated this month? Let us know!

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