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Potlatch aims to bring gun and ammo makers into Idaho

Potlatch aims to bring gun and ammo makers into Idaho

Mitch Coffman
May 24, 2012

Potlatch, Idaho, was planned as a small town set around its booming lumber industry. At one time, it was home to the biggest white pine sawmill in the country.

But, the mill closed in 1981 and the town has been looking for another industry to come in and set up shop, according to the Seattle Times.

Last year PNW firearms moved its operations from Seattle to Potlatch. Potlatch now has identified gun and ammo makers as the main type of business it is trying to recruit. The state has helped too, passing a law protecting gun and ammo makers from liability lawsuits. As some states become more and more strict in regard to the firearms industry, Idaho is going the opposite direction, making it a priority to attract firearms companies.

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