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Unions fight to protect their own interests against Prop 1

By Wayne Hoffman
October 7, 2012
I have read just about every school labor union agreement in the state and have yet to find a single one that was written to protect the interests of children, their safety and the availability of classroom supplies. I point this out simply because the labor unions have released a new ad in opposition to […]

Teachers' union resorts to Luddism to battle Luna

By Wayne Hoffman
September 21, 2012
The education labor union has reached a new milestone in lowness, attempting to turn Idaho voters into Luddites and depict kids as klutzes in order to satisfy a selfish agenda. Witness its first ad against Propositions 1, 2 and 3. Says the ad: “Prop 3 replaces teachers with computers by requiring that taxpayers fund laptops […]

Education spending in Idaho nothing close to 'worst'

By Wayne Hoffman
July 16, 2012
Earlier this month a story, which was transmitted throughout the state, incorrectly characterized the status of school funding in Idaho. The report, originally from Spokesman-Review writer Betsy Russell, contained these exact words: “Idaho ranks second-worst in the nation for the amount of money it spends per pupil, the U.S. Census Bureau said.” As my friend […]

Executive director responds to ObamaCare ruling

By Mitch Coffman
June 29, 2012
I know today is a difficult day for many of us. The very idea that the U.S. Supreme Court would say that the individual health insurance mandate is constitutional is stunning, to say the least. I want you to know that we are not done fighting. In fact, we’re just getting warmed up. The health […]

Attention turns to Idaho for education reform

By Wayne Hoffman
June 12, 2012
The failed multimillion dollar campaign to boot Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office is on its way to Idaho. We don’t know what form it will take, but you can imagine that some of the messages tried in Wisconsin will also be attempted here, all in an effort to return Idaho’s education system to a […]

College insurance mandate is also wrong

By Wayne Hoffman
May 7, 2012
Larry Grant makes a point in his column last week that should not go ignored: Grant, the chairman of the Idaho Democrats, noted that the State Board of Education voted last month to continue enforcing its mandate that full-time Idaho college students purchase insurance. Grant thinks he’s exposed an example of hypocrisy — with state […]

Good teaching, happy lives, and Students Come First.

By Mitch Coffman
April 13, 2012
Like winning was for Vince Lombardi, it turns out that great teaching isn’t the most important thing—it’s the only thing. This was made crystal-clear recently in a Harvard University study quantifying how important good teaching is to society. In Idaho and everywhere else we need to ask ourselves: What are we doing to ensure our […]

School levies: why pay more? *UPDATED*

By Mitch Coffman
March 10, 2012
Why do school districts ask for more money when there's no proof more money means better schools?

Ways the IEA spends a million dollars.

By Mitch Coffman
March 4, 2012
The interests of the Idaho Education Association and the interests of Idaho's students are not the same interests.

Do charter schools "cherry pick" students?

By Mitch Coffman
January 27, 2012
Despite their status as public schools that may not discriminate, Idaho’s public charter schools have been accused of “cherry-picking” children from families with higher incomes who are, presumably, easier to educate.The reality is charter school student family incomes reflect the general population. The chart compares the percentages of students who were eligible for free and […]
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