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Report: Idaho Ripe for Increased Educational Options

By Wayne Hoffman
December 15, 2011
"Given Idaho’s existing tax credit policies, there is no reason Idaho families should be left out of this growing movement”

Idaho education reform 2012

By Mitch Coffman
December 7, 2011
More school choice increases the odds parents can find the right education, right now - which, in the short window of time available to educate a given child, is the only time that really matters.

IFF November 7. Health care luncheon and training video

By Wayne Hoffman
November 27, 2011

Digital Learning Report Card For Idaho Schools

By Wayne Hoffman
November 14, 2011
While the State of Idaho scores high marks in personalized learning, low barriers to access and quality choices, much improvement is needed in the areas of student advancement, academic content and education infrastructure, according to the study.

Idaho should OK insurance sales across state lines

By Wayne Hoffman
November 2, 2011
If I decide to go online and buy the DVD collection of a stranger from New Jersey, I’m allowed to do it. No one questions the usefulness and brazen free-market nature of this transaction. Indeed, everyone acknowledges that in buying DVDs from some dude across the country, I’ll probably end up with some awesome movies […]

Flaw gives Idaho another reason to reject health insurance exchanges

By Wayne Hoffman
September 17, 2011
Congress hopelessly mangled a tax incentive designed to get people enrolled in Obamacare health insurance exchanges — and that fatal flaw should be more than enough to convince Gov. Butch Otter and state lawmakers to reject this government-orchestrated mess. Under the letter of the Obamacare law, participants in state-based health insurance exchanges are supposed to […]

IFF holds every politician accountable

By Wayne Hoffman
September 8, 2011
It sure is strange to see Lewiston Tribune editorial writer Marty Trillhaase complain that the Idaho Freedom Foundation is not being aggressively free market enough. Is he serious? I doubt it, because Marty and his newspaper aren't exactly champions of freedom and free markets. If Marty and the Lewiston Tribune are complaining, odds are we're […]

Cities turn to utility fees to extract more money from residents

By Wayne Hoffman
July 31, 2011
If it feels as though our governments are nickel and diming you to death, they are. If it’s not new or higher taxes being proposed, it’s some new fee. The newest tact involves city governments passing ever-higher utility franchise fees, which then get passed onto ratepayers. We’re seeing the phenomenon all over the state. Cities […]

Friedman Legacy of Freedom Day Ice Cream Social; Friday, July 29, 4-8 pm, Harmon Park, Twin Falls

By Mitch Coffman
July 26, 2011
On what would have been free market economist Milton Friedman's 99th birthday, the Idaho Freedom Foundation in conjunction with the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and the Coalition of Idaho Charter School Families will hold a FREE Ice Cream Social for School Choice on Friday, July 29 from 4-8 pm at Harmon Park in Twin […]
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