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Conservative Metrology

By Brent Regan
February 16, 2023
Nearly every candidate for the Idaho Legislature will tell you that they are “conservative.” They will tell you that they want to reduce the size of government, lower taxes, cut spending, reduce the burden of regulation and shrink bureaucracy. They will tell you these things when they run the first time and when they ask […]

Idaho House embraces "command economy"

By Brian Almon
February 7, 2023
House Bill 24, the Idaho Launch bill, passed the House yesterday afternoon by a razor-thin margin after more than an hour of spirited debate. Rep. Megan Blanksma is the House sponsor, but Governor Little has been the driving force behind this bill, which would expand the existing Idaho Launch Grant program, providing $8,500 per high […]

Media lies about Wayne in effort to silence conservatives

By Wayne Hoffman
February 3, 2023
One of the greatest gifts of this country is the ability to own property. No one has the right to question what property you bought or why, and everyone’s decisions are unique to his or her own circumstances.  In 2021, I sold my home in Boise and bought an RV. This allowed me the freedom […]

School Boards Association got no-bid contract to review trustee zones of its own members

By Wayne Hoffman
February 3, 2023
Attorney General Raul Labrador rightly wants to know how the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) was involved in shaping the Caldwell School District’s proposed gender identity policy, which he asked about in a letter to school officials last week.  That’s good, and the answer isn’t that hard to come by. The association has been advocating […]

State agencies defy legislature, distribute public money to woke non-profits

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 2, 2023
By Anna K. Miller and Ronald Nate, Ph.D. Thanks to the anti-corruption efforts of Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld, news surfaced this week about how unaccountable administrators in state agencies are seeking to meddle in the upbringing of our state’s youngest children by misusing taxpayer funds. The Idaho Freedom Foundation traced the steps and missteps of Idaho […]

Idaho universities are majoring in diversity, equity, and inclusion dogmas

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 1, 2023
By Anna Miller and Ronald Nate, Ph.D. The woke trinity of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is spreading in Idaho higher education under the leadership of university presidents, who pretend that DEI initiatives don’t exist on campus while  simultaneously claiming such programs are “necessary” for their institutions. These contradictory statements cannot both be true at […]

We can restrain the federal government without a convention of states

By Wayne Hoffman
January 31, 2023
Idaho Freedom Foundation senior policy fellow Ron Nate wrote a great article last year on why a convention of states is a horrible idea. I want to add to his thesis a bit because former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and Convention of States chief Mark Meckler are in Boise this week to convince Idahoans (including, […]

Boise State University paid critical race theory advocate more than $25K for one-hour discussion

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 30, 2023
By Anna K. Miller and Kaitlyn Shepherd  Ibram X. Kendi, critical race theory advocate and author of “How to be an Antiracist,” was reportedly paid $25K and a travel buyout of $2,500 to speak for one hour at a Martin Luther King, Jr. event at Boise State University.  The contract between the university and Kendi’s […]

Lent drags his feet on school choice legislation

By Wayne Hoffman
January 27, 2023
While Utah and Iowa lawmakers have passed robust education choice legislation, Idahoans are legitimately asking why nothing has emerged so far during Idaho’s legislative session, now entering its fourth week. It’s not for lack of trying.  Conservative Republicans in the Idaho Senate have been fighting tooth and nail just to get their bill introduced. Senate […]

Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action condemn Sen. Dave Lent for blocking Education Freedom Act

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 26, 2023
Senate Education Chairman Dave Lent of Idaho Falls has repeatedly rejected attempts this week by the conservative senators of his committee to introduce their universal education choice bill. The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action strongly condemned this blatant obstructionism. “Dave Lent is a phony who gives lip service to education choice while doing […]
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