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West Bonner School District adopts common sense bathroom policy

By Brian Almon
August 18, 2023
School restrooms have become a flashpoint in the culture war, as leftist activists have tried to force schools to allow biological boys to use girls’ bathrooms, changing rooms, and overnight accommodations. The danger this poses to students is obvious, but these activists attempt to destroy anyone exhibiting common sense. At one point earlier this year, […]

Convention of the States is Likely to Disappoint Conservatives

By Fred Birnbaum
August 15, 2023
Lawmakers from across the United States held a simulated Article V convention of states earlier this month, and the outcome settled nothing. The Convention of States organization, which organized the event, hailed it as a success, and while some of the amendments proposed by lawmakers in attendance have merit, two of the Convention of States’ […]

Bathroom bill injunction puts Idaho students in danger

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 11, 2023
By Anna Miller and Brian Almon The U.S. District Court of Idaho has temporarily blocked a law requiring public schools to separate bathrooms and locker rooms based on a student’s biological sex. The order establishes that schools may keep existing transgender student policies in place prior to Gov. Brad Little signing Senate Bill 1100. At […]

Leftist lawmakers blame others, call for special session over deletion of presidential primary

By Wayne Hoffman
August 10, 2023
There’s a story going around that Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder is trying to get a special session of the Legislature organized for the purpose of saving face over the fact that lawmakers inadvertently deleted the presidential primary from next year’s election calendar. There’s a lot of misinformation about this issue, chiefly coming from […]

The IFF's Center for American Education on the Florida Model

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
August 7, 2023
BACKGROUND Florida’s K–12 public education system is among the best in the country, and it has become better over the past four years. Elsewhere in the country, the education system emphasizes concepts of diversity and equity while compromising on excellence and even competence. In Florida, those governing the education system have attempted to rid schools […]

Governor Little Should be More Humble When Describing Idaho’s Economy

By Fred Birnbaum
August 2, 2023
Lest anyone think that we are picking on Governor Little when we rain on his Idaho economic parade, think again. We would make these points in any of the 50 states. Governor Little, to his credit, pushed back against the notions of the excess COVID monies that flooded every state. But he quickly sidestepped those […]

Idaho’s University of Phoenix and nonprofit would be exempt from most government accountability statutes

By Wayne Hoffman
August 1, 2023
If anyone is under the impression that the University of Idaho’s secretive purchase of the University of Phoenix will magically become less secretive after the deal is done, they’re sorely mistaken. Although Idahoans — even their state senators and representatives — have largely been kept in the dark about the deal, this is as transparent […]

In remembrance of Gary Glenn, the father of Right to Work in Idaho 

By Wayne Hoffman
July 29, 2023
Idahoans have the freedom to get jobs without having to be union members, something not true everywhere and a fact for which we owe thanks to Gary Glenn, who died Thursday at age 65. Gary can rightfully be called the father of Idaho's Right to Work law. More than 40 years ago, Right to Work […]

Deregulation Part 3: Government-simulated accountability abandons Idaho’s elderly

By Niklas Kleinworth
July 27, 2023
Nursing homes are among the most heavily regulated health care settings. With approximately 900 pages of federal and state regulations in place, virtually every aspect of these facilities is controlled by the government. Despite this, Idaho’s facilities fail to meet the needs of their residents. Nursing homes are an example of how Americans — in […]

Labrador correct in challenging University of Phoenix transaction 

By Wayne Hoffman
July 26, 2023
There are about 1.9 million people in the state of Idaho. Only about a handful of those people knew about the University of Idaho’s plans to buy the University of Phoenix when the deal was unveiled in May. This is not how government is supposed to work. Yet, ironically, Boise attorney Trudy Hanson Fouser, representing […]

Blaine Schools Superintendent obfuscates about pornographic book in elementary school 

By Anna Miller
July 24, 2023
The Superintendent of Blaine County School District (BCSD), Jim Foudy, obfuscated facts about the presence of a sexually explicit book in the elementary school library. Foudy was aware that the pornographic book "It's Perfectly Normal" had been in Bellevue Elementary School for seven years, public records revealed, and was moved to Wood River Middle School […]

Governor Little boasts about property tax relief he vetoed

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
July 21, 2023
By Brian Almon and Fred Birnbaum On Wednesday, Governor Brad Little’s office issued a triumphant press release, boasting about an additional $100 million in property tax relief that will be coming to homeowners due to a larger than expected year-end state budget surplus. The release states, “Throughout the legislative session, Governor Little and the Legislature […]
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