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Plan to pay students for early graduation to be pitched today

Plan to pay students for early graduation to be pitched today

Dustin Hurst
February 8, 2010
Dustin Hurst
Author Image
February 8, 2010

Rep. Steve Thayn, R-Emmett, will go before the House Education Committee Monday morning to pitch a plan to allow students to receive scholarship money from the state for graduating early.

Thayn has teamed with Rep. Branden Durst, D-Boise, to craft the legislation that, if approved, would allow students to graduate up to three years early.  The duo said the aim of the bill is to shift the focus of public education from students' time in seats to student achievement.  Both believe it would not only save the state money, but it would encourages students to become more proactive and involved in their own education.

According to Thayn, it costs $2,500 per semester to educate a student.  Under the Thayn/Durst plan, students would receive $1,000 for every semester they graduate early.  School districts could also be eligible for monetary incentives according to specifics laid out in the plan.

IdahoReporter.com was the first news agency to cover the Thayn/Durst proposal.  You can read the original story from December here.

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