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'Perfect Christmas gift': IFF President Hoffman applauds higher ed tuition freeze

'Perfect Christmas gift': IFF President Hoffman applauds higher ed tuition freeze

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
December 12, 2019

Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman, who recently proposed freezing tuition and fees for students in Idaho’s higher education system, released the following statement Wednesday: 

For Idaho’s public college students and their families, this is the perfect Christmas gift. Next, the State Board of Education and the Legislature should take a close look at the administrative bloat at our four-year schools so costs remain under control for students and taxpayers for years to come. 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation, the leading voice for Gem State taxpayers, recently released “Higher education in crisis,” an in-depth report that shows how administrative bloat has led to unsustainable tuition increases for Idaho’s college and university students. Click here to read that report

Additionally, you can click here to read Hoffman’s Nov. 15 column that calls for a tuition freeze.

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