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Otter vetoes sensible, conservative bills

Otter vetoes sensible, conservative bills

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 7, 2017

On Thursday, Gov. Butch Otter vetoed House Bills 139 and 202, two pieces of legislation that passed the Legislature with broad, bipartisan support.

House Bill 139 would have freed makeup artists and cosmetology students from regulations that make it hard to earn a living or become licensed in their chosen professions. House Bill 202 would have reformed civil asset forfeiture laws to protect property owners who are never charged with a crime from having their property confiscated by law enforcement. The bill would have also required more transparency when it comes to the controversial laws.

In response Friday, Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman released the following statement:

“For years, Butch Otter has given great speeches about the need for a free economy and limited, constitutionally-based government. Yet once again, Gov. Otter has rejected sensible, conservative, bipartisan liberty-based legislation that would have put Idaho entrepreneurs back to work and would have protected constitutional rights of Idahoans. While Otter’s vetoes will negatively impact countless Idahoans, the Freedom Foundation and our allies in the Legislature will continue to advance the conservative ideas and policies that make life better for the residents of our state.”

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