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Oppose the progressive agenda? You're now an enemy of the state

Oppose the progressive agenda? You're now an enemy of the state

Bryan Hyde
September 10, 2022
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September 10, 2022

Media outlets in Idaho and across the country have been drumming up fears of an “extremist” takeover for some time now. However, the president’s ghoulish “soul of the nation” speech aimed at Republicans was a clear escalation of warlike rhetoric from the left.

It was also a masterpiece of psychological projection in which every accusation the president put forth is something that he and the political left are guilty of doing.

Those who will not march in lockstep with his administration are presumed to be an extremist threat to our democracy, by which Biden appears to mean his regime.  Harboring doubts about a deeply contentious election or refusing to accept abortion or deviancy as the highest expression of personal freedom are hardly the grounds for such fulminations.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lowered the bar even further by claiming that not agreeing with the majority is now considered evidence of extremism. She said during a press conference, "When you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

It’s telling that no one in the current administration or in the sycophantic press corp can recognize how this definition could be applied to the entire woke apparatus.       

A strong indicator that we’re living in unstable times is when even peacefully standing for something is a sure way to find a target on your back.

Peaceful individuals who are trying to remain true to their deepest principles are labeled as “extremists” for refusing to surrender their convictions. The only option they are given — besides acquiescing to the demands of their detractors — is to remain silent.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid the inevitable opposition that arises whenever we stand for something. Daunting as that may seem, it’s also an extremely reliable indicator that we are having genuine impact.

When we unlock the power of conscience and stand on principle, we can expect to be labeled as divisive for providing others with a tangible example of personal courage. Opposition doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re in the wrong, it can also be a clear indicator that we’re having impact. 

We are part of a larger battle between light and darkness that has always existed. The peaceful “extremists” who’ve changed the world for the better, did so by choosing principle over popularity.

Don’t shy away from being unfairly labeled and misunderstood. Instead, keep in mind that this has always been the price for refusing to surrender one’s values.

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