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One of three men seeking Labrador's state seat withdraws, endorses former foe

One of three men seeking Labrador's state seat withdraws, endorses former foe

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
May 20, 2010

Though most of the attention surrounding state Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Eagle, is centered on his run for Congress, there was a three-man race to take his seat in the Idaho State Legislature.  That was the case until Wednesday, when Christopher "Mac" MacCloud, a candidate running on a Tea Party platform, withdrew from the District 14B race and threw his support behind Reed DeMourdant, a local business owner.  DeMourdant and Star Mayor Nathan Mitchell will square off in the May 25 Republican primary.  Whichever man wins that contest will move on to face Democrat Steve Berch, a consultant and small business owner, in November's general election.

In a release from the DeMourdant campaign Wednesday, MacCloud praised DeMourdant for his conservative principles.  "Reed DeMordaunt will look to the constitution as he represents the citizens of this district and state,” MacCloud said. “There is no question that Reed is the true conservative in this race."

MacCloud and DeMourdant used the announcement as an opportunity to take swipes at Mitchell, who advocated for a 2009 bond that would have allowed the city of Star to borrow $6 million to buy a local golf course and build a community pool.  Mitchell said he believed the bond and subsequent projects would be "an extraordinary opportunity to invest in and build a foundation for the future of Star." Voters rejected the bond, which would have added about $56 per $100,000 of a home's worth to each taxpayer's bill.

"With the economic pressures on families today, we cannot afford to have a candidate elected, like Reed’s opponent, the mayor of Star, who is willing to raise taxes on his constituents like he tried to do last fall," said MacCloud.  DeMourdant echoed that message and took his own jab at Mitchell.  "“Unlike my opponent, I am not willing to grow government and increase taxes to buy a golf course,” DeMordaunt said.  “I think it is simply not palatable to most people struggling to put food on the table."

DeMourdant has also been endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life, a pro-life group based in Boise, and several state lawmakers, including Rep. Steve Thayn, R-Emmett, and Sen. Chuck Winder, R-Boise.  District 14 covers portions of Eagle, Star, and Boise.  House Majority Leader Mike Moyle is the district's other representative and Winder represents the district in the Idaho State Senate.

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