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Obamacare Rollout Failures

Obamacare Rollout Failures

Parrish Miller
November 9, 2013
November 9, 2013

So, just how is that big Obamacare rollout coming along? Not well, according to recent data. In addition to a host of website problems, the latest polls show that a mere 22 percent of uninsured Americans (who Obamacare was ostensibly designed to assist) have any plans to purchase insurance through the Obamacare exchanges.

For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that means that at least the other 78 percent probably didn't need the government's assistance after all. The most likely reason, of course, is that a significant majority of the uninsured are uninsured by choice rather than by necessity.

That's not the only bad news, though. Remember when Obama said that if you like your insurance plan, you could keep it? The latest numbers suggest that for between 34 million to 52 million Americans, that's just not true. It's not just existing private plans that are being cancelled, either. Many employer plans are disappearing or are being altered in some manner due to the regulations and requirements of Obamacare.

Right here in Idaho, our three largest insurance companies have already announced that they will cancel at least 67,000 existing insurance plans. As time goes by, the number of pre-Obamacare health insurance plans that remain in effect will continue to shrink.

As we move forward with the implementation of Obamacare, we can expect things to continue getting worse as more and more people are forced out of the free market and into a system of government dependence. Even middle class and upper middle class Americans are being encouraged to sign up for government subsidies through the insurance exchange.

Why might that be? Could it be because people who become reliant on government are less inclined to support cuts to its bloated spending out of fear the cuts might impact them?

The one thing we know for certain is that a government that is already more than $17 trillion in debt cannot possibly afford to subsidize the health insurance of tens of millions of Americans. Obamacare was broken from the start and the negative impacts of its implementation are only starting to come to light.

One final thought: If you like your existing insurance plan, I suggest you say goodbye, because despite what you were promised, it's going away.

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