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NEW VENUE: Education choice event location changed due to leftist threats

NEW VENUE: Education choice event location changed due to leftist threats

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 2, 2022

The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action announced on Monday a free public rally in downtown Boise featuring nationally known education choice expert Corey DeAngelis. 

Unfortunately for those who cherish the right to free speech, the rally can no longer be held at the Basque Center. 

IFF and IFA’s contract with the venue was unexpectedly cancelled due to threatening social media posts from left-wing activists and organizations. The venue had been made aware of social media posts from these radical groups that promised disruption, and the building’s managers feared that their facilities would be damaged by protesters. 

All those who love liberty should be very concerned that American society increasingly resembles something out of a George Orwell novel. Leftists insists on shutting down opposing viewpoints instead of allowing them to be openly discussed and debated in the court of public opinion. They insist on stifling discussion around uplifting ideas that offer kids the opportunity to have the education they deserve. 

“We refuse to submit to this intolerant, anti-American attitude toward free speech and choice,” said IFF Vice President Dustin Hurst. “We will not be canceled by woke social justice warriors who can’t handle the free exchange of ideas.” 

Many children have been left behind in Idaho’s one-size-fits-all education system. While some parents may be able to homeschool their children or send them to private or alternative school, not every family has this option. Students deserve the right and the flexibility to choose the method of education that works best for them.  

Despite these efforts, the rally will go on. It will now be held at  Foothills Christian Church in Boise on Monday, February 7 from 7-8:30 p.m. Join IFF, IFA, and Corey DeAngelis to learn how we will not stop fighting for every Idaho student to have the educational hope and opportunity they desperately need and deserve.  For more information, contact IFF at [email protected]

For those unable to attend in person, the rally will be livestreamed on IFF’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/IdahoFreedom.

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