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New commission would round out trio of immunization proposals

New commission would round out trio of immunization proposals

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 16, 2010

The Idaho Senate is set to vote on creating a commission to study childhood immunization policies. It’s one of three proposals dealing with immunization proposed by Idaho lawmakers this session that stem from a task force formed last year to look into the issue. Idaho’s childhood immunization rates are at or near the bottom of national rankings.

Gov. Butch Otter has already signed into law a proposal to create assessments on insurance companies to create a universal pool for buying childhood immunizations. A second effort, to make the state’s electronic database tracking immunizations opt-out instead of opt-in, has passed the Senate, but needs approval from a House committee.

The last legislation in the trio would create a commission that would evaluate options for lawmakers, the Department of Health and Welfare, and other stakeholders could take to improve immunization rates. The commission would meet in Boise at least once a year for the next four years, and also look at immunization requirements for days and schools, the electronic database tracking immunizations, and other states’ efforts to improve immunization rates. The 10 members on the commission wouldn’t be paid or be reimbursed for travel expenses.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved legislation creating the immunization policy commission Monday. The commission would be created with a yes vote by a majority of senators and the governor’s signature. Read the text of the legislation here.

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