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Net neutrality is socialist, anti-capitalist

Net neutrality is socialist, anti-capitalist

Mitch Coffman
November 14, 2014
November 14, 2014

I’ve been lucky enough to more or less grow up during with technology in front of me. I’ve had access to some form of the Internet for a long time, and it’s no shock to anyone these days just how much the Internet and expanded access have shaped our world.

This is why the issue of net neutrality is mind-numbing to me. Net neutrality, broken down to its essence, is socialistic and clearly anti-capitalist. It is the warped idea that Internet service providers and governments are commanded to treat all data and ancillary information and technology on the Internet equally. So much for rewarding entrepreneurs.

Net neutrality flies in the face of people making a name for themselves online, starting an online business, accessing information to help with school projects, etc. You know, the kind of things that have made the open access Internet the revolution that it is today.

Yet the federal government now thinks it wise to regulate it. This is perfect example of overreach by the feds and cronyism at its best (or worst).

Don’t be fooled by big companies like Facebook, Google and Netflix getting behind this push. They simply want to squash their competition, the little guy.

And here’s another thing; it’s taking away jobs. The FCC and President Obama, both supporters of net neutrality, are hurting companies like AT&T and its employees. With all of this still up-in-the-air, AT&T has put a halt to its planned expansion of broadband networks, such as its fiber-optic networks. Not surprisingly, the company is also against more regulation.

If Obama and his administration want to create jobs, stay out of the way. Let companies operate how they sit fit. Let them expand their reach without fear of government intervention.

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